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Dea diversion investigator interview questions

I conducted regular audits of registered firms to assure they were in compliance with the Federal Regulations and that the controlled substances were not diverted to the illegal market.

I provided training and guidance to seven junior investigators regarding complex regulatory, criminal, and civil investigations. Leading by example of my twenty-six years of experience as an Diversion Investigator.

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I reviewed and critiqued the junior investigators reports, assignments, forms, and correspondence prior to submission to the Group Supervisor. I reviewed for approval all submitted Reports of Investigations, Memorandums, and forms for thoroughness, timeliness, and content. Worked in conjunction with other local law enforcement agencies to serve administrative warrants, contributing to a reduction in the diversion of controlled substances.

Led the junior diversion investigators on high-end criminal investigations. I trained seven 7 junior investigators, along with assisting them on accountability and regulatory investigations to assure that the Federal Regulations was adhered to. I maintained a working relationship with the StateFederal, and Local agencies, and represent the Drug Enforcement Administration in the regulated drug industry.

Coordinated investigations with local and federal agencies. Analyzed data, reports and evidence, of controlled substances and List I Chemicals. Conducted multi-jurisdictional investigations to identify registrants abusing and diverting controlled substances. Researched and reviewed case files and gathered information to solve investigations that resulted in criminal and civil fines.

Testified under oath in administrative hearings and criminal court cases. Maintained records of all information and material pertinent to open investigations. Collaborated with legal staff, the United States Attorney's office and other law enforcement agencies. Facilitated and worked in conjunction with federal, and local law enforcement agencies to serve more than one administrative inspection warrants. Developed case plans and conducted comprehensive investigation tactics to obtain necessary evidence.

Analyzed and evaluated information to determine the appropriate course of criminal or civil prosecution. Referred cases for potential prosecution to the United States or District Attorney's office.

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Compiled and analyzed information regarding gang members and activities. Maintained a detailed case log of all cases assigned to monitor progress and completion. Wrote accurate and timely reports regarding investigations and information received. Trained subordinate junior investigators on investigative techniques and results-driven intelligence operations.

Assisted in the development of internal and external training presentations. Developed case plans and conducted comprehensive investigation tactics to obtain and process evidence. Conducted debriefings for arrested subjects to obtain information pertinent to investigations. As such, it is not owned by us, and it is the user who retains ownership over such content.

Drug Enforcement Administration. Shelter Diversion Case Manager. Please provide a type of job or location to search! Love this resume? Build Your Own Now.Top Criminal Justice Schools. The United States Drug Enforcement Agency depends on its workers to keep drugs off the streets, and working as a diversion investigator with the DEA lets you do your part in the war on drugs. Investigators conduct research online and in real life to look for signs of people buying, selling, using and transporting illegal drugs.

In addition to knowing what these men and women do every day, you also want to think about how you can land a job in this field.

A diversion investigator with the DEA is an expert investigator. These are the men and women who conduct research and bring down major drug smuggling rings. The research they do and the evidence they capture can also help stop distributors from spreading drugs throughout a specific city or region or across the country. While many people think investigators look specifically at illegal narcotics, they also help break up manufacturers creating and selling illegal prescription drugs.

The DEA uses these investigators to do the research that their agents need to stop some of the major distributors working in the country. According to the DEAit looks for investigators skilled in one specific area, including law enforcement, military or technical fields. Strong research skills are another important skill needed for the job.

You can develop those skills as a computer science major in college or with a major in another area that relies heavily on computers and research. The DEA also requires that investigator applicants have strong problem solving skills and the ability to analyze the research you conduct and the data you gather.

Working as an investigator with the DEA requires that you meet some specific guidelines established by the agency for all its employees. Anyone applying for the job with the DEA must be a United States citizen and have the ability to pass an in-depth and detailed background check. Any felony or misdemeanor charge will disqualify you for the position, and the DEA may even gain access to your juvenile records.

All applicants must also pass a vision test, hearing test and a physical examination that shows you are strong enough for the job. The application process usually involves multiple steps that you must complete with an interview and lie detector test used on some steps.

If you want to work as a diversion investigator, you must also prepare yourself for going through a long series of training exercises. This training program, known as the Basic Diversion Investigator Training, takes place over the course of 12 weeks.

Participants have the chance to show how they can use the skills they learn in the program in the field before finishing the training program. Related Resource: Fraud Investigator. The DEA protects the residents of America from illegal drugs.

Investigators working for the DEA create detailed files that show the distribution centers in the country and the amount of drugs produced by those centers. As a diversion investigator with the DEA, you can do your part to stop those distributors from spreading drugs across the country. Qualifications for Investigator Jobs According to the DEAit looks for investigators skilled in one specific area, including law enforcement, military or technical fields.

DEA Employment Requirements Working as an investigator with the DEA requires that you meet some specific guidelines established by the agency for all its employees.There are currently users online. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me.

Log in. Forgot password or user name? DEA Diversion Investigator. Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Comment Post Cancel. Can anyone provide information on some of the aspects of the job not what is in the vacancy descriptionand what DI's are given: Gov Cell phone, creds, gov vehicle, laptop, uniform, etc You're going to find more info or responses on FederalSoup. There's a guy in the main DI thread about pages who is a current DI and provides a lot of info.

From what I recall, they are given credentials in the form of a laminated card, but not a badge. I believe they receive a cell phone, laptop, and government vehicle but not a takehome?

Anyone heard anything that took the proctored test in Aug? JerseygirlinFL commented. I just heard back from HR i passed the test from august. Now just waiting until they schedule interviews! Did you take it early August? I've heard nothing since taking the proctored test in late August.

I don't know if that means I didn't pass, or if they're just still processing everything. There's more info on FederalSoup, an active thread there. It's free to read. I think free new accounts are disabled but that you can pay to create an account and post, if that's important to you. BradHP commented.

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I received my tentative offer at the end of October, then did my medical exam about 2 weeks ago. Back to the waiting game again to see when they start my background. If it's asking you to pay, you might have been redirected to a scam site. DOTfed20 commented.

dea diversion investigator interview questions

Nice, I emailed HR a week ago, and they say I passed the interview and I was moving on to the next step, which I assume is the tentative offer. I interviewed in August We will see how long that takes.The interviewer would like to tap into your style when it comes to investigative thinking. They want to know more about how you approach and understand your work. When the hiring authority can understand your investigative style, they will also be able to determine better if your style is a fit for their existing teams.

I can think outside of the box to see a full picture of the job, the crime, the victim, and the criminal. I like to develop information and entertain various scenarios. I was trained in, and follow, the five C's, which are collecting, checking, considering, connecting, and constructing.

Following this framework allows me to remain well organized and focused as I grow in my investigative career. With that said, I am open and willing to learn other methodologies and approaches. I look forward to learning more as I grow with your organization.

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Win your next job by practicing from our question bank. We have thousands of questions and answers created by interview experts. Explore expert tips and resources to be more confident in your next interview. All Interview Topics. Continue practicing by visiting these similar question sets. We all experience disappointment and setbacks in life. What separates us is how we react in situations where we feel let down. Give the interviewer an example of a time when the outcome of your case was discouraging.

Talk about how you felt, the way you reacted, and what you learned from the situation. If you are new to your career as a Criminal Investigator, you can give an example from an internship or your post-secondary studies. Due to politics out of our control, my unit did not see our desired outcome. Rather than feel angry and internalize the situation, I chose not to allow the outcome to impact my perceived value as an Investigator. I mustn't allow ego to get in the way of my growth.

I am strong enough to handle failures and receive them as opportunities for growth. Today, as a student, I receive grades lower than I would like at times and choose to take them as growth opportunities. I have learned that I feel discouraged when my expectations do not properly align with reality.

What is a Diversion Investigator With the DEA?

To avoid overreacting in a situation where I am disappointed, I ask myself whether or not my expectations are realistic.There are currently users online.

Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? DEA- Diversion Investigator. Posts Latest Activity Photos.

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Page of Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 45 template Next. Thanks UCFknight1!!! Did you feel that 45 min. Was it writing about 1 topic? Were there others with you being interviewed? Comment Post Cancel. When I talked to my recruiter she said she has never seen anyone come close to using the entire 45 minutes.

Just to confirm, on the interview day you complete paperwork, do a written exercise and have the interview, but the med exam, drug test, etc. Those who are successful at what they do don't give a rip about what others think about them.

We don't rent pigs. Originally posted by barkalot View Post. Thank you! Got the call to interview today!!! I interview the first week of March in DC. Looks like the snow has melted and the Feds are back at work! Former DI here. I will answer some of the previously posted questions.

You give a list of 3 cities but it doesn't matter. As soon as you are cleared to go to Quantico you will get a call offering you a slot and then they will present you with a list of open cities.

There is no physical fitness test and no poly. The academy is 12 weeks and not very fitness intesnsive. Mostly all academic.

dea diversion investigator interview questions

This is a good job to gain valuable investigative experience but very frustrating because you don't have full LE authority. For example Mainly a 9 to 5 M-F job.

Hope this helps.

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Post Deleted. There has been talk about giving investigators arrest authority sincehave you heard any progress on this?Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Diversion Investigators enforce the Controlled Substances Act CSA and the Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act CDTA regarding the manufacture, distribution and dispensing of legally produced controlled substances and listed chemicals in order to prevent diversion of controlled substances and listed chemicals into the illicit market, while ensuring an adequate, uninterrupted supply of pharmaceutical controlled substances and listed chemicals to meet the legitimate medical, commercial and scientific needs of the public.

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing is a must for a successful candidate. These abilities and skills may have been acquired through a variety of backgrounds such as:. Diversion Investigators are subject reassignment to any location in the United States depending on the needs of the DEA.

All applicants must be available for relocation throughout their career with DEA and will be required to sign a statement to this effect when accepting an offer of employment. Diversion investigators perform demanding jobs and must meet certain medical and physical requirements to ensure they are able to perform all the duties of the job.

Applicants will be required to obtain a qualifying medical examination to determine physical and mental fitness and must be free of any impairment that would interfere with normal work performance. Depth perception and ability to distinguish shades of color color plate test are essential. Candidates must be able to hear conversational voice a distance of 20 feet with both ears.

The use of a hearing aid is permissible. Skip to content. Diversion Investigator Diversion Investigators investigate the diversion of pharmaceutical chemicals and drugs. Diversion Investigator Careers. DEA Diversion Investigator. Diversion Investigator - Mobile Enforcement Team. DEA Diversion Investigators reviewing files. Diversion Investigator examining electronic files.

Diversion Investigator at pharmacy. Am I qualified to be a Diversion Investigator? What is the hiring process? What are the employment requirements? Hearing requirements: Candidates must be able to hear conversational voice a distance of 20 feet with both ears.

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dea diversion investigator interview questions

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